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Looking south from the cape at Cabo San Lucas during a sunrise time-lapse

by Mike Posehn

GBTimelapse 'How To'

Welcome to the GBTimelapse 'How To' section. GBTimelapse is a powerful tool for time-lapse videography, with many unique features you won't find anywhere else.

GBTimelapse gives you the flexibility to get great results straight out of the box, or as an expert who wants control of all the details. Check out the videos and blog posts below for tutorials and tips.

Basic Time-lapse Videography

Get started with time-lapse.
Capture great time-lapse right out of the box with GBTimelapse.

Getting Started - How to start the free trial, configure a camera and capture a simple time-lapse. GBTimelapse getting started
Standard Version Features - Demonstrates more basic features, live view, history, saving projects.... GBTimelapse Standard Version Demo
Pro Version Features - Demonstrates multi-camera control using the Professional version. Pro Version Demo
Control GBTimelapse remotely - How to use LogMeIn to access and control GBTimelapse operating at a remote location. Monitor GBTimelapse with LogMeIn
Laboratory Long-Term -An example of how GBTimelapse can be used for a long-term laboratory project. Long-term laboratory project

Advanced Time-lapse Videography

How to get amazing time-lapse results with GBTimelapse

Advanced Method Sunset Demo - How to use GBTimelapse AutoRamp Advanced Method for a daylight to night sunset time-lapse, using a camera in bulb mode only. Advanced Method How To
Lens f-stops are not accurate! - A demonstration of an inaccurate camera f-number. The video shows why it is important to use a lens f-stop correction table to minimize flicker. Example uses the AutoRamp Advanced method to adjust exposure Av values. Camera f-numbers are inaccurate
Lens f-stop correction - A demonstration of how f-stop correction works when using AutoRamp. GBTimelapse AutoRamp Using f-Stop Correction
AutoRamp - New feature: How does AutoRamp work in GBTimelapse 3.1? Blog Link
Sunrise/Sunset Compensation - How GBTimelapse 3.1 uses your GPS coordinates to reduce flicker Blog Link

Expert Time-lapse Videography

For the expert who strives for perfection
Learn how to calibrate and tweak your setup for supreme flicker-free results

Expert Method Demo - How to use GBTimelapse AutoRamp Expert Method. Example shows a daylight to night sunset time-lapse using neutral density filters to virtually eliminate flicker. Expert Method How To
Measure Minimum Bulb Time - The GBTimelapse AutoRamp feature is able to switch between manual and bulb modes, but to do this the software needs to know your camera's minimum reliable bulb time. We have measured the minimum bulb time for most camera models. Follow this procedure to determine the minimum bulb time of your camera model. GBTimelapse Determine Minimum Bulb Time
Calibrate a ND filter - GBTimelapse AutoRamp Expert Mode uses Neutral Density filters to produce amazing time-lapse results at sunset and sunrise. When a Neutral Density filter is added or removed during AutoRamp operation, GBTimelapse calculates a new bulb exposure time based on the ND filter's f-stop rating. Unfortunately, a filter's actual f-stop value may be substantially different from its rated f-stop value. We have found filters that differ by more than 10 percent from their rating. This difference can lead to a noticeable change in image luminance causing flicker. Follow this procedure to calibrate a Neutral Density filter and determine its exact f-stop rating. GBTimelapse ND Filter Calibration
How to calibrate a lens - GBTimelapse comes with a set of lens correction tables for common camera/lens combinations. Use this procudure if your lens has not yet been calibrated and if you are a Super User intent on getting near perfect bulb ramping results. GBTimelapse AutoRamp Lens Calibration

MX2 Motion Control Dolly

For advanced motion control time-lapse
Learn how to control the Dynamic Perception Motion Control Dolly

GBTimelapse MX2 Dolly Initial Setup

Shows how to initially setup the Dynamic Perception MX2 Dolly to be controlled by GBTimelapse

GBTimelapse MX2 Dolly Control Field Test

A field test of GBTimelapse controlling the Dynamic Perception MX2 Dolly for a sunset Holy Grail time-lapse. Music by Kevin Mcleod.

eMotimo TB3 Pan/Tilt

For advanced motion control time-lapse
Learn how to control the eMotimo TB3 Pan/Tilt

GBTimelapse - Emotimo TB3 Pan/Tilt Initial Setup .

Tutorial showing the three steps needed to setup your Emotimo TB3 Pan/Tilt unit for operation with GBTimelapse

GBTimelapse Using eMotimo TB3 Pan/Tilt .

Demonstrates how to use the eMotimo TB3 Pan/Tilt with GBTimelapse. Available in version 3.8 and above - A free upgrade to current version 3.x owners.

AutoRamp Advanced Techniques

GBTimelapse: AutoRamp HDR Demo.

Demonstrates how to setup GBTimelapse AutoRamp to do a High Dynamic Range time-lapse at sunset.

GBTimelapse: AutoRamp Script Demo.

Shows how to create and follow an AutoRamp script.