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Looking south from the cape at Cabo San Lucas during a sunrise time-lapse

by Mike Posehn

GBTimelapse 4.5 Pro - New Features

Adds Compatibility with Canon's Newer Mirrorless Cameras

  • EOS M200
  • EOS RP, EOS R, EOS M6 Mark II
  • PowerShot G7X Mark III1, G5X Mark II, and SX70HS

Long-Term Remote Operation

  • Runs on inexpensive Windows Mini PCs
  • Automatically makes a video for each time-lapse session1
  • Automatically uploads videos and images to the cloud1
  • Automatically upload videos to YouTube1
  • 1Requires our FirstCutTimelapse companion product

Writes RAW XMP side car files to eliminate exposure change flicker

Simplified Licensing System

Flawless footage

In time-lapse photography a series of images is taken at regular time intervals and then played back faster - giving the illusion that time is passing quickly.

By using a Digital SLR camera you aren't limited to the low resolution of a standard-definition video camera or web camera. Instead of low resolution you can capture high resolution images and create high-definition video files in HD, 2K or 4K resolution.

GBTimelapse is a Microsoft Windows application for the capture of time-lapse image sequences. You control a Canon EOS digital camera tethered to your computer by a USB cable. Using the camera's settings, you capture images using the computer rather than the camera controls and collect a series of images automatically. Watch a video of your time-lapse in progress and make changes as needed.

Timelapse Videography

Capturing time-lapse image sequences for video and film: Typically you are on location in the field using a battery operated camera tethered to a laptop or netbook computer. Normally both the laptop and camera can run for several hours on a fresh battery charge.

"GBT makes my time-lapse life much easier now, greatly reduces the days and nights needed in office for post processing, allows me to take more footage, and will lead to outstanding, never seen before results in Chile." Christoph Malin , Innsbruck, Austria

Long-term Automatic Photography

Periodic photographic images can be captured over a period of days, weeks or months to document the progress of a project. The camera and computer use power from a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and can run indefinitely. Progress is monitored by email alerts from the capture software or by remote access software. Images can be emailed periodically or uploaded via FTP. Other software can be used to convert the images sequences into time-lapse video.

"Great software, easy to use and so powerful in functions. We used it with 3 Cameras and 3 Computers for more than 3 years throughout. In total we captured 1.6 million pictures, for the timelapse project. Stable, reliable excellent! And of course for a fairly good price. And fast and helpful support" Marco Mehl , Ravensburg, Germany