Develop and deflicker a timelapse RAW Image sequence
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Capture images using the camera rather than the camera controls.

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RR - RawRamper After Effects Plug-in

Use the RawRamper plugin to develop and deflicker a timelapse Image sequence. RawRamper interpolates RAW develop settings between keyframes you set in Camera Raw or Lightroom. It reads XMP sidecar files, interpolates the settings, and then writes the modified XMP files. For Mac and Windows Adobe After Effects CC.

RawRamper Benefits

  • Smoothly ramp 58 different Camera RAW develop settings (temperature, exposure, etc.)
  • Uses After Effects powerfull keyframe editing tools
  • Reads, modifies and writes XMP sidecar files from Lightroom and Camera Raw
  • Deflickers exposure changes based on RAW Exif data
  • Ramp Basic settings (temperature, exposure, highlights, shadows, ...)
  • Ramp Tone Curve Parameters
  • Ramp Sharpening Details
  • Ramp Noise Reduction Details
  • Ramp Hue, Saturation, and Luminance
  • Ramp Split Toning Highlights and Shadows
  • Availabe for both Mac and Windows