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At the Reno Baloon Race, 2006

by Mike Posehn

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Granite Bay Software is dedicated to perfecting the art of time-lapse videography. GBTimelapse and GBDeflicker are cutting edge time-lapse solutions built on patented technology. Both tools are constantly evolving in response to demand from our broad base of international clients - everyone from high-end videographers to enthusiastic hobbyists. Our software is used in the making of IMAX films, Thursday Night Football, the National Geographic Channel, preparations for the Brazil 2016 Olympics and much more. The company is owned and operated by Mike Posehn, a former engineer and personal computer software pioneer. Started in January 1985, Granite Bay Software is a privately held corporation.

Posehn earned a BS (Mechanical Engineering), MS (EECS), and PhD (Dynamic Systems and Automatic Control) from UC Berkeley and began a career as an engineer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory shortly thereafter, but quickly switched to computer software in the late '70s.

Posehn was one of the early personal computer software pioneers and developed many products as an independent software author. He created several highly successful products in the '70s and '80s including Milestone and VisiSchedule for CP/M and Apple computers. He later worked independently creating the first desktop video program, Deluxe Video, for the Amiga computer (published by Electronic Arts). In the '90s he created the Desert Strike series of video games (also published by Electronic Arts).

More recently Posehn became fascinated with the nature of time and by looking at the world on different time scales. This fascination inspired the desire to capture what he saw with his digital still camera and assemble the images into time-lapse films and clips, which eventually led to the creation new and innovative software products.

Granite Bay Software produces GBTimelapse (since 2005) and GBDeflicker (since 2007) and provides all the technical support associated with the two products. We are a very small operation and appreciate your patience as we strive to produce high quality products and provide the highest level of personal customer support.

About this video

One of Mike's earliest time-lapse videos from 2006: One hundred six balloons in a mass ascension at the Reno Balloon Race. This was shot with a Canon S3 using the original GBTimelapse and a Canon Pro1. This became an early YouTube viral hit with over 3 million views.

About this video

Another early time-lapse video from 2004: This short film captures the stunning natural beauty of Chilean Patagonia featuring the mountains of Torres del Paine National Park -- jagged granite ridges and spires capped with shale, snow and glaciers. Using time-lapse photography three days of sunlight, clouds, rain and moonlight are captured to show the majestic beauty of this natural wonder. The images are enhanced by the spiritual music from the album "Shiva Shakti Om" by Angelika. Shot with a Canon G5 PowerShot camera and the original version of GBTimelapse.

Damah Film Festival, Hollywood, CA, USA, 2005
Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada 2005
Wanaka Mountain Film Festival, New Zealand 2005
Mountains and City Film Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia 2005
Taos Mountain Film Festival, New Mexico, USA 2004
Ion International Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2004
Award of Excellence, California Fine Arts Competition, Sacramento, CA, USA 2004
Wine Country Film Festival, Sonoma, CA, USA 2004