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GBDeflicker and GBTimelapse

Amazing work is being done every day with GBDeflicker and GBTimelapse. We're thrilled that our software is used all over the world, for everyone from National Geographic videographers to time-lapse hobbyists. We love to see what you're making.


The International Space Station Expedition 30 crew shot some truly awe-inspiring time-lapse sequences flying over practically every square mile of the globe.

Credit Adonis Pulatus Frankfurt, Germany

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"I downloaded the high-resolution image sets that have been made available by the NASA Johnson Space Center and constructed this short time-lapse film in hi-res 2K project format. GBDeflicker was used in all the sequences (as an Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 plug-in) to effectively reduce the flicker. Great product!"

Mountains in Motion

The Canadian Rockies is an experimental short documenting the life of the alpine landscape through time-lapse photography.

Credit Doug Urquhart Up Think Lab

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WINNER - Best Documentary - Atlanta Shortsfest - Atlanta, GA, USA
WINNER - Best Cinematography - Dixie Film Festival - Athens, GA, USA
WINNER - Best Documentary Short - Asheville Cinema Festival - Asheville, NC, USA

Massage Envy "Valentines Day"

Winner of 3 EMMYS in 2011
Post Software: After Effects, Colorista II, GBDeflicker, FCP
Shot on: Canon 7D using Dragon Stop Motion

Credit Flock of Pixels Phoenix, AZ

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Production Tools: braces wax, chopsticks, a straw, pens, blader duster, patience, laser cut acrylic letters, sweethearts


"I used the Camtrac dolly for most of theses clips. Hyper-lapse at the Racetrack (dry lake in Death Valley) was done using a 3 wheeled steerable dolly I built."

Credit Dan Eckert Vista, California

Arctic Lightscapes

In this film I wanted to show how individual the northern lights are: they may dance very fast in a frenetic rhythm or explode in a red-purple firework or they may just glow greenish over the starry sky vaguely distinguishable by the human eye. Every night there is a different night show - if the polar lights appear as they use to be very shy divas.

Credit Anneliese Possberg Germany

Waterfalling in love with Iceland

A time-lapse short film celebrating the vivid beauty of breathtaking landscapes in Iceland, captured with the never-ending light of a nordic summer. Timelapse Showfest 2013 Bronze Winner.

Credit Giovanni Antico Milan, Italy

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"I refined almost all the frames of the film with GBDeflicker plugin in Adobe After Effects, where I imported the sequences of raw pictures. For nasty flickering problems I masked parts of the images and I applied to them different settings. It's a very effective solution that saved all my time-lapse footage even in the worst cases."

Tiny London

"This video was shot during a period of 2 months from public vantage points, private offices I was allowed access to and places where I shouldn't been."

Credit Mario Muth London, UK

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"All sequences were captured as RAW images and manipulated in After Effects to achieve the miniature / tilt shift look. In total I shot 25,850 images and 4,980 made it into the final edit."

Zeitraffer Neubau Schwabisch Media

Zeitraffer Baudokumentation Neubau Schwabisch Media in Ravensburg. Uber 3 Jahre wurde der Bauablauf mit fest installierten Kameras dokumentiert.

Credit Marco Mehl Germany

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Great software, easy to use and so much powerful in functions. We use it with 3 Cameras and 3 Computers for more than 3 years throughout, in total we capture 1.6 Million pictures, for the timelapse project. Stable, reliable excellent! And of course for a fairly good price. And at least a fast and helpful support